Advances in Sugar Beet Research is a special series of the IIRB, set up as a text book delivering complete and in-depth information on a particular subject in sugar beet research.

A collection of selected articles written by specialists of the discipline describes the problem and proposes solutions and prevention strategies.

Available issues:

  • Vol. 1: Soil compaction and compression in relation to sugar beet production. 1998, 104 p., ISBN: 2-9600182-0-6, Price: € 31,-
  • Vol. 2: Cercospora beticola Sacc. - biology, agronomic influence and control measures in sugar beet. 2000, 215 p., ISBN: 2-9600182-2-2, Price: € 50,-
  • Vol. 3: Irrigation de la betterave sucrière en zone méditerranéenne. 2001, 113 p., ISBN: 2-9600182-3-0, Price: € 31,-
  • Vol 4: Sugar beet variety trials - methodology and design. 2002, 156 p., ISBN: 2-9600182-4-9, Price: € 50,-
  • Vol 5: Sugar Beet Growth and Growth Modelling. 2003, 166 p., ISBN: 2-9600182-5-7, Price: € 50,-
  • Vol 6: Genetic Modification in Sugar Beet. 2005, 202 p., ISBN: 2-9600182-6-5, Price: € 50,-


The sugar beet dictionary comprises technical terminology from 13 domains: Genetics, Physiology, Seed technology, Agronomy, Crop protection, Pest, Weeds, Agricultural engineering, Beet quality, Co-products, Environment and Economy.

Over 5.000 records with almost 7.800 expressions have been collected and are translated into English, French and German to build actual and precise terminology lists reflecting today's linguistic usage. This technical dictionary is destined to professionals of the sugar beet and sugar sector and to translators, interpreters and students of agronomy who need a reference work in agriculture.

ISBN : 2-9600182-1-4

© IIRB, 1999

416 pages (including indexes in English, French, German, Latin and international codes for weeds)

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