Hotel accommodation

Avoid stress, and book your hotel rooms now via our booking link.

Hotel accommodation has been pre-booked at the Hotel Le Plaza (congress venue) as well as at other Brussels hotels at a special congress rate. The rooms can be booked via the congress booking link

Reduced hotel rates & booking assistance via Brussels Booking Desk*

  • Book directly at one of the hotels at walking distance of the venue
  • Discounted room rates have been negotiated for you, availability secured up until 4 weeks prior to your arrival date

First come, first serve... So be quick!

More information needed?

Olivier Nussbaum, the Brussels accommodation expert will be your hotel guide. You can reach him via email at, or give him a call at +32498717542.

*Brussels Booking Desk is the only official housing partner of the IIRB Congress 2024 and a local support of the Brussels’ Hotel Community and