IIRB Seminar 2021 'Advancing weed control in sugar beet with sensors and field robotics'

04-05/05/2021, online

The options for sensor- and robot-assisted weed control have advanced significantly in the past years. The IIRB seminar will present the state of the art in the development of these technologies. We expect 150 international participants from sugar beet institutes, sugar industry, farmer’s associ­a­tions, mechanical engineering companies, breeding companies and others to attend the seminar in our virtual venue.

Each of the two seminar afternoons will be split into a presentation and an exhibition part.

  • Talks in the first session on 4th May, chaired by Professor Anne-Katrin Mahlein, will present an overview on the use of sensors and robots in agriculture, and a range of technical approaches.
  • Talks in session 2 on 5th May, chaired by Mr. Bo Secher, will have a close view on current practical applications and the acceptance of the technology among farmers.
  • Next to this lecture programme, several exhibitors will be present in the virtual venue to show their latest developments in sensors, applications and robotics. They will be available for questions of the participants via chat or 1:1 video meetings.

Registration will be possible until 15th April 2021 on this web site.

We look forward to welcoming you to an interesting and interactive IIRB seminar in May.


The registration deadline was 15th April 2021.