The main focus of the study group Pests & Diseases is the crop protection of sugar beet, with the aim to improve productivity and to minimise an environmental impact. This group covers all areas of phytopathology, virology, zoology and germplasm and pathogen resistance. This includes the development of common methodologies and the evaluation of new products, application techniques and control strategies in the entire rotation.


The next meeting of the study group Pests & Diseases will be held 15-16 November 2023 at Einbeck in Germany. 

Virus Yellows Monograph

A synopsis of the research carried out on beet yellowing viruses and their vectors in Europe was edited by the IIRB in 1988. A copy of the document can be made available on demand.


  • 2023 Einbeck (D)
  • 2022 online meeting
  • 2021 online meeting
  • 2020 online meeting
  • 2018 Dinteloord (NL)
  • 2016 Landskrona/Borgeby (S)
  • 2014 Söllingen/ Schlanstedt (D) (joint P&D and G&B) 
  • 2013 Fargo (USA) (joint P&D and WCTR)
  • 2011 Broom's Barn (UK) (joint P&D and SQ)
  • 2011 Broom's Barn (UK)
  • 2010 Tienen (B)
  • 2008 Holeby (DK)
  • 2006 Sevilla (E)


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