IIRB Seminar 2017 'Controlling weeds with ALS-inhibitors in ALS-tolerant sugar beet'

14/12/2017, Börshus Malmö (S)

Herbicide active ingredients blocking the enzyme acetolactate synthase in plants ('ALS inhibitors') are widely used in agricultural practice. Currently, novel sugar beet varieties tolerant to ALS inhibitors are being tested for registration. These conventionally bred sugar beet varieties, in combination with a corresponding ALS herbicide, promise a higher flexibility of weed control, a reduced number of herbicide applications and a high efficacy against difficult weeds. Nevertheless, several weed species worldwide are known to have developed resistance against ALS-inhibitors. Resistance management is therefore essential.

Several international speakers were invited to the IIRB seminar to present first hand information on the ALS inhibitor system and to discuss current European trial results on its efficacy and selectivity. The requirements for resistance management, in general and in the specific case of ALS inhibitor herbicides, were analysed.