28/10/2016, Estrées-Saint-Denis (F)

The IIRB Seminar 2016 was held 28th October at Estrées-Saint-Denis in France in cooperation with ITB and IRBAB. The event was linked to the harvester demonstration Betteravenir/Beet Europe 26th and 27th October 2016.

Increasing weight loads of harvesters have prompted several technical improvements over the last decade. In France, the use of self-propelled harvesters increased from about 10% in 2006 to almost 50% today. This requires an increased awareness of users for the threat of subsoil compaction at critical harvesting periods.

The seminar presented research done in this context, informed about new tools to predict and avoid compaction, and offered the opportunity to the 150 participants to discuss with the main European harvester manufacturers which factors will be important in the future and how manufacturers contribute to prevent soil compaction.

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