79th IIRB Congress

The 79th IIRB Congress 'Innovation: our driver for a profitable and ecologically balanced sugar beet production' will be held 27th and 28th February 2024 at the Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels, Belgium. An international audience of 350 participants is expected to attend the congress.

The congress will serve as a platform to discuss the challenges faced by the sugar beet sector and explore how innovation can play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges. With a focus on profitability and ecological balance, we aim to foster knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the sharing of best practices among participants.

Session Topics

  1. Reviewing innovative weed control approaches
  2. Leaf disease forecast and management
  3. Managing insect-related threats
  4. Alternative pest control / IPM
  5. Breeding approaches for virus yellows control
  6. Resistance potential of beet genetic sources
  7. Advances in agronomy

Poster Sessions

In two poster sessions, 115 posters on a large range of topics will be presented. We look forward to engaging discussions with the poster authors during these sessions. A poster prize will be awarded to the best scientific poster.

Who Should Attend

This congress welcomes professionals from various backgrounds, including research institutions, sugar beet growers' associations, breeding companies, sugar industry and further institutions in the upstream sector.



The registration deadline was 15th January 2024. Registration is closed.