Only applying herbicides exactly where they are needed? It is possible – with Bosch camera sensor technology and xarvio`s unique Agronomic Decision Engine. Our smart spraying technology identifies weeds and sprays herbicides only where needed. This technical innovation enables a profitable and sustainable sugar beet cultivation.

How does this work exactly?
You receive a notification about the best time for spraying, including the best spray programs and the best product to be applied based on field specific automatically derived parameters. You can set preferences and field specific parameters.

Multiple cameras photograph the field and the plants growing on it over the entire width of the field sprayer. This produces a complete and exact image of the planting.

As the scanning takes place, the images are analyzed in real time using intelligent image processing algorithms. Within a fraction of a second, it distinguishes between crop plants and weeds.
A unique feature will be xarvio Weed Management, to recommend the best setting and dosage of herbicides to generate a maximum of savings.

…only where necessary. The software selects the field sprayer nozzles that are above the weed. Just a few hundred milliseconds pass between recognizing and spraying the weed.

Clear overview with success control - Documentation with weed and application maps and closed feedback loop to smarten the algorithms of the Agronomic Decision Engine.

  • Save herbicides by selective application:
    up to 90% in pre emergence (green on brown)
    up to 86% in post emergence (green on green)
  • Bosch and xarvio solution is the only holistic weed management solution with hardware and digital intelligence.
  • Specific field conditions are respected with - xarvio agronomic decision engine” (ADE) to ensure the best balance between best application results and saving of herbicides.
  • Save money and reduce environmental impact.