We automate farming

Ambitious farmers are seeking fully autonomous, high precision and sustainable solutions for repetitive field work. In order to meet these demands AGROINTELLI has developed a robust, powerful and reliable ag-robot - ROBOTTI 150D. 

ROBOTTI 150D is commercialized and currently operating the fields in 7 different European countries with more to come during 2021.

In a consistently precise manner ROBOTTI 150D solves multiple tasks in the field with standard implements. For example, seedbed cultivation, precision seeding, mechanical weeding and band spraying in different crops. 

Going autonomous with ROBOTTI represents a more sustainable choice, because our robot consumes significantly less fuel than traditional alternatives. Moreover, ROBOTTI minimizes the risk of soil compaction, because of the relatively low weight of the robot. On that basis AGROINTELLI and ROBOTTI has received the honorable “Solar Impulse Label”, which awards efficient, clean and profitable solutions with a positive impact on environment and quality of life. 

AGROINTELLI was founded in 2015 and is a Danish company with local production facilities. We employ around 45 employees, and our vision is to make global food production more reliable sustainable and profitable.

ROBOTTI 150D is a diesel hydraulic system with 150hp. It’s equipped with PTO and external hydraulic outlets. It has two Kubota engines, and all mechanical parts are completely standard. Therefore, our robot is easy to fix and service when required. 

What makes us unique

  1. Fully autonomous tool carrier to be used for field work throughout the season
  2. Works around the clock – 24/7
  3. Solves multiple tasks in the field with high precision
  4. CE Marked, safe and legal to operate
  5. Logs and document every move in the field
  6. Made of standard components – easy to repair and service