>> ultra-high precision crop care

The mounted sprayer
No more weed-killer showers.

  • Now it’s time for targeted and precise application.
  • Just the right amount in the right place.


How it works ?
ARA performs spraying operations in plane fields and row crops. Using cutting-edge AI, its vision and computer systems detect and selectively spray the weeds with a micro-dose of herbicide. The centimetre-precise detection and spraying reduces the volume of herbicide used up to 95%, while ensuring crops are not sprayed for yield preservation. In addition to weeding operations, ARA can also be used to selectively spray the crop with insecticides, fungicides or fertilizers. ARA is mounted at the back of tractor equipment that also supply Power Take-off Shafts (PTS). It can be hydraulically folded for road transportation. Its operation is very similar to conventional sprayers. Its programming is easy.

A 600 liters tank shall be mounted in front of the tractor. An optional, automatic system allowing to mix up to 4 pure chemicals can be supplied.

Thanks to ARA’s high computerisation power, a standard throughput up to 4 ha per hour can be achieved. The system can also operate during the night, further extending its daily throughput, and thus treating up to 96 ha per day (24 hours).

Precision weeding
By means of its multi-camera vision system, ARA detects weeds and sprays them once they pass under its spraying tool. The spraying tool consists of 3 height adjustable spraying ramps of 2 meters, each equipped with 52 equidistant nozzles. Each nozzle provides a small spray footprint and desired spray droplet size to efficiently treat the weeds. The system can be used for full surface spraying (e.g. for pre-treatments) as well as spot spraying.