The world’s first fully automatic robot that can take care of both sowing and mechanical weed control while being CO2 neutral at the same time.

FarmDroid was founded on the vision to do things smarter, and make the world a better place through technology. The FD20 is the result of countless hours spent developing and testing in the field, and with the founders coming from a family of farmers themselves, we understand the challenges farmers face in agriculture today.

Our aim is, first of all, to make seeding and weeding easier and more cost-effective. Second, we will develop robots for the greater good of farming by accomodating the expectations of the global society to reduce or eliminate CO2-emissions and reduce the use of agrichemicals, and hard repetitive work. By taking care of both the seeding and weeding, the FarmDroid FD20 frees up time for other more valuable activities, while at the same time being an attractive investment for the farmer.

  • Self-driving and fully automatic
  • Uses high precision RTK-GPS
  • The robot is lightweight and does not destroy the soils microstructure
  • Starts weeding process before the plants have germinated
  • Precise seeding and weeding