IIRB Workshop 2018 'Growing sugar beet without neonicotinoid seed treatment'

With the ban of neonicotinoids in the European sugar beet crop, and a limited perspective of derogations in the different countries, the sugar beet sector must find alternatives to neonicotinoid pest control. This concerns the control of aphid pests that transmit virus yellows in sugar beet and cause significant economic losses in certain regions, but also control of wireworms, leatherjackets, and pygmy beetles, etc. 

Reverting to previously used pesticides is critical as ecological side-effects of spraying are expected to be higher. Additionally, a large percentage of the relevant pests have become resistant to several of the previously used active ingredients.

This IIRB Seminar aims to initiate a broad discussion on alternatives to neonicotinoid pest control. We will discuss chemical alternatives, resistance breeding possibilities, but will also look into crop management approaches and prevention. Speakers will include sugar beet researchers from all over Europe, speakers of plant protection and breeding companies as well as agroecologists and consultants. We expect an invited international audience of 60 participants to attend the workshop.


The registration deadline is 15th January 2018.